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Who we Serve

We serve ALL in the community, including but not limited to: individuals with physical and/or intellectual disabilities; those in recovery from addiction, whether from drugs, alcohol or eating disorders; those experiencing homelessness; at-risk youth; and other marginalized groups.

What we do

Using creativity, we find common ground with those we serve. Creative workshops and events are curated to serve as wide an audience  as possible, with many activities designed to foster inclusion and building a stronger community through creative connection.

Our Partners

We live in a beautiful community, diverse in so many ways. We are proud to connect with local partners such as Sweaty Sheep, Common Roots Farms, Homeless Garden Project, and Shared Adventures.

Mission Statement

We bring communities together using creativity to find common ground, with a strong focus on inclusion, without regard to ability/disability, race, religion, creed or sexual orientation.

The Team

Rev. Ryan Althaus
Pastor, Sweaty Sheep

Theresa Nelson
Executive Director

Rev. Katheryn McGinnis
Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian Church


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We love to take pictures and show them to the world.

Would you like to partner with us? Let's brainstorm together!  We are all about community, creativity and finding common ground through both.  We are happy to explore any venture, with a focus on inclusion and creativity.  Email us through the below link to participate in a brainstorm session.

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Helping others to help others

Would you like to help? We welcome volunteers and donations, including art supplies, costume jewelry, fabric or other materials which may be used in our workshops.

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